Monday, April 08, 2002

Moving notice

Well I moved - so this is the last post here on Blog*Spot (snif). The story continues on Dutch in Denmark v2. Thanks for blog*spot to get me started in the first place.

I decided to leave my blog*spot version (DID v1) unchanged and started a new blog. I mean now I have been waiting for Google to index my pages for months, it finally did that and now I'm moving ! So not to upset Google to much, I let it be and continue in the new one. Let's see how long it takes to get that one indexed too !

Please update your bookmarks ! (as if anyone should have bookmarked this site - yeah right - ok, mom : you have to update your bookmark !)

You will be automatically transferred to
Dutch in Denmark v2 !

Good old (the internet movie database) also has launched a pay version. The end of free is near ...
Just received Sørens's webconnection answers today, and like to share this one already. If you think your website is bad, go to websitesthatsuck and learn how not to.

And In search of the perfect CMS is also ok to read. I'm still looking...
The new domainname is working, I haven't dared to move my blogs to it yet. That will need some (mental) preparation. The new name is :

I will still use Blogger to maintain it, but I am seriously looking around to some alternatives - so I have more control myself. I currently can't run PHP on my server so GreyMatter and Moveable Type are kind of out of the question. I am following the development of BlogWorks with great interest. Seems like it's very close to what I want, and it is written in ASP, so I could change the things I don't like.

Well let's see how it turns out. At least Google is indexing my archives again, nothing was wrong, Google has just been googling with it's databases for a long time. Seems like it's getting better now.
After Copenhagen, Århus (and other bigger cities in Denmark) has got their version of Metro X-press a free morning newspaper. The newspaper is distributed on train and busstations, and other points in the city where there is a lot of traffic in the morning. There really is a hard competition going on between the paid morningpapers and the new free morning papers. I like the fact that we have a free newspaper now, the quality of Metro X-press, and I got it in my hand, while biking past one of the delivery persons. I didn't even have to stop my bike ! Now that's service.
Swan Picture
I'm quite satisfied with this picture of Denmark's national bird (though I have taken the picture in Holland)

Sunday, April 07, 2002

You can't say that Århus is a boring town. A new festivalguide has just been released, targeted at East Jutland. One good thing is that they have arranged shuttlebusses for most of the events, which means that you don't have to stay on a campingsite, if you want to visit one of the more-then-one-day events. I have tried it some times, but I think I have been getting to old to like to have my tent standing surrounded by noisy drunken people strumbling over other peoples tents at night. So - if tv-2 decides to play Skanderborg festival (one of the biggest festivals in Denmark) this year - count me in.

Biggest event in Århus is the Århus festival week - Aug. 30 - Sept. 8 2002. The final program has not been released yet.

Friday, April 05, 2002

Friday Five

1. What are the first things that you do in the morning to start your day?
Bike to work, eat breakfast at work, check mail. (In the weekend I skip the bike to work part)

2. What are the last things that you do at night before going to bed?
I'll read (in bed) a bit - currently in LOTR - The two towers (which I find a bit slow..)

3. What daily routine have you recently added to your day?
Eating a bit of cornflakes before jumping on my bike to work. (very recently added)

4. What routine do you wish you get rid of?
Doing the dishes, all household routines actually.

5. What's the one thing that makes you feel like something is missing if you don't do it some point within your day?
Blogging - reading e-mail (nerded enough) - hearing music.
Say cheese
The European Union is very close to accepting an agreement which says that only Greece may use the name feta cheese for the typical white (cubed) cheese. Danmark is also a country that produces a lot of feta cheese, and is afraid that it will cost them a lot of effort to change to a new name, if they no longer may call there cheese feta.

If this case is going to be accepted by the European Commision, Holland is going to ask patent on the name Gouda cheese ...
A nice one, we dutch people like cows :-) (via Winther)
New domain is ordered
I have just ordered my new domain. I will move my Blogs away from Blog*spot as soon as I have it. The name will be published here as soon as everything is confirmed (just to be sure no one snaps it away just before my nose!).

Blog*Spot is a nice place if you start blogging, but I got a bit tired of it being down all the time.

Well I better start studying Phil Ringnalda's "Moving out of Blog*Spot"
Football and Rejseholdet
Well Feijenoord (with the danish Jon Dahl Tomasson) did well against Inter Milan yesterday, or should I say Inter Milan did a good job helping Feijenoord (Feijenoord won with 1-0, but the the goal was made by Inter). It's is going to be exiting to see if Feijenoord kan make it to the next round. Dutch football definetely needs some success.

But because of this footballmatch, the last episode of Rejseholdet (my absolute favorite danish tv serie) was not send, so I still haven't seen it! It will be send on the 14th of april, at 22:45 pm. That was supposed to be the last episode, but there have been promised 2 extra episodes in 2003.

Thursday, April 04, 2002

Thursday : Webconnection part VI
A bit delayed, but here we are again with a new webconnection. Today it is Hayley Wakenshaw from She is, just like me, living in another country then her homecountry, she is english and lives in Holland.

Sit back and enjoy reading Hayley's story, it's an interesting one !

Name- birthday - Location
Hayley Wakenshaw. Plus a very boring middle name. I was born in 1974 in May in a run down town famous for its breed of dog, in Northumberland, England. Now I live in Hoorn in Holland which is a lovely town but a bit on the provincial side of boring.

Blog :

When did you start Blogging ? Why and/or how did you start Blogging ?
I started at the beginning of the year when I found myself stuck at home with a burnout. I had a fairly successful website until 1998 ( and I missed doing it. I didn't really feel like doing the ascii again, but I love to write, and people seem to like reading what I manage to churn out, and Robbie my partner was always saying I should blog since I love to surf weird sites so much. So I thought I'd give it a go. I was never bothered about whether people were reading or not. I get my kicks from tinkering with words and trying to figure out HTML. Though to be honest, Robbie does most of the HTML and I just tell him where to put what and how clever he is.

What are you doing in Holland ? How did you end up there ? Do you like it ? Where in Holland ? Where do you come from ? Did you learn the language already ? What do you miss from your homecountry ? The good thing about Holland is ..?

I discovered the internet in 1996 at college, and in my first few days online, I met a Dutch guy called Robbie. He was an IRC Op then which made him very cool in my geeky eyes. I found him by chance in a channel about Amiga computers. Nope, I didn't have an amiga computer; I think I was just clicking on any old channel just to find someone to talk to. Anyway, Robbie helped me find my way around the net, and after two weeks he came over to see me in Birmingham. Without even knowing what I looked like!

After a year, when I'd finished college, it just seemed the obvious thing, that I'd move to The Netherlands and live with him, and I've been here pretty much ever since. We lived with his mum and her boyfriend for the first year, so I learned Dutch pretty quickly. I could manage on my own after the first few weeks because I was teaching myself Dutch from a book. Robbie's Mum was very sweet and helped me by speaking baby Dutch in a very loud voice to me. Actually she still does that......

I don't miss anything from England really apart from being able to order a proper cup of tea when I'm out! I love Holland - it's fabulously open minded and its laws are reasonable, it's clean, rich in all sorts of culture and the queen rides a bike. Yeah, the Dutch drive me nuts sometimes, but to be honest, after four years, I'm starting to feel more Dutch than English.

3 non-blog links that you are visiting regularly?

Interests and hobbies?
I read a lot and that's about it. I'm incredibly lazy - it takes a whole lot of sitting on your bum to get this squishy.

What's in your CD player(s) at the moment? (Link?)
Lilac 6 by the Lilac Time. The Japanese special edition with a bonus disc featuring The Barenaked Ladies. My two favourite bands performing live together - CD's don't get any better than that.

What's the best music concert you've ever been to?
Oh. I really hoped I'd be able to get through this with out seeming like an obsessed groupie. Obviously not. It's the BNL concert at the Royal Albert Hall last year. Where they recorded the Lilac 6 bonus CD. BNL are more a live band than a recording band and anyone who's ever caught themselves humming one of their tunes should really try to go and see them. I guarantee you'll laugh so hard you'll come out declaring Canada the birthplace of cool.

Happiness is... ? A tub of Strawberry Cheesecake Häagen Dazs. :-)

What's the worst job you've ever done?
I worked as an accounts payable accountant for Time Warner once. My job was to pay the bills that journalists ran up. Unfortunately this meant dealing with model agencies and mobile phone companies. So I spent most of my time being bitched at or put on hold. Or both. And the rest of my time I spent entering numbers on spreadsheets. And stamping stuff and filing it. And stamping more stuff and filing it. God, how people survive more than a month in an office environment without drugs is incomprehensible to me. I'd rather clean the toilets in a working mens club every day than go back to an office job.

What job do you have now?
I work in a really cool book store in Amsterdam.

Favourite food?
A poppy seed bagel with pesto, mayo, fresh mozarella, baby plum tomatoes and ruccola.

Favourite drink? Caffeine-free Coca Cola Light. Not that easy to get in Holland unless you
want to lug around a 1.5 litre bottle everywhere.

Favourite song?
Golden Brown by The Stranglers. I was 20 before someone finally told me it was about heroin.

Favourite film?
At the minute it's still Bridget Jones'Diary.
I love films. I watch two or three each week and our DVD collection is getting out of control. I love all sorts of films, but the films I watch over and over again are popcorn movies - easy romantic comedies with likeable characters. My other favourite movie is Drop Dead Fred. Oh I know, but Rick Mayall would still make me laugh if he did nothing but recite the ingredients on a packet of soup.

Favourite actor?
Phillip Seymour
Yummy Hoffman
. Although Haley Joel Osment just amazes me every time I see him, too. Ooh, but I love Edward Norton and Tom Hanks too! And I'll watch anything with Harvey Keitel in it because he is the epitome of cool. Or Kevin Spacey.

Favourite person(s)?
My mate Sarah, from Manchester, who I don't write to often enough, don't see often enough, but who is the coolest person I know. She has loads of tattoos, reads lots of very heavy books about history, rides a motor scooter, wears Doc Martens, does embroidery, and doesn't give a bugger what anyone thinks of her. I wish I was more like her!

Favourite motto? I need chocolate!

Favourite snack food? Caramel Snack-A-Jacks. Because they have 97% less guilt.

Favourite place in the world? Pathe De Munt cinema in Amsterdam. Once I get into my seat and set out my cola and popcorn I'm in my happy place.

Thanks for participating Hayley !
Coming up : Søren (Looking forward to that one too, he works at the Copenhagen tourist office and he is going to give me some good (not typical tourist ones!) tips about things to see in Copenhagen)
Doesn't this look like spring to you ?

Young sheep - a typical dutch picture
An appletree in full glory
Youthhostel Århus
The local politicians in Århus are discussing if they should close the youthhostel (vandrehjem) in Århus. It would be a very bad thing if they do that. It is one of the nicest youthhostels I have stayed in, and it is probably the one having the best location - in the middle of the forest on short walkingdistance to the sea.

The youthhostel is already fully booked for most of the summer, so I how can they even think of closing it ?

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Well if you like to stay updated on the world behind Google, this webmasters Google forum might be a good place to go. It's always comforting to know that there are others out there wondering about Google's behaviour. By the way, to actually see how strange Google sometimes behaves you can have a look at this tool where you can search on the 4 different Google servers in one time.

And I always thought there was only one Google database ! I have noticed different content in those databases more then once ...

Google behaviour
If someone could give me a hint on why my blog archive files never get indexed in Google - I would be really happy ! Because it really annoys me that they don't get listed in Google.
Windmills - it can't be more dutch then that !
In the centre of IJsselstein they have kept the big windmill, called "Windotter", and it is fully functional. It produces flour of which some is sold to the local bakeries. It's a nice site, and so typical dutch. Through the years lots of windmills have been broken down, but now people are more aware of it and try to preserve this typical dutch tradition. I took those pictures last weekend in IJsselstein.

A windmill in the centre of IJsselstein

A windmill in the centre of IJsselstein
Windmill "Windotter" in the centre of IJsselstein

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

I have taken some pictures during my stay in IJsselstein, my hometown. The weather was very nice, sunny and around 18 degrees. This resulted in typical dutch pictures, like this one:
Young sheep - a typical dutch picture
Sheeps (even though coloured like cows), young and old enjoying the grass and the nice weather
This immense popular tv serie has send it's last episode last monday. Does anybody out there know when this episode will be resend ? On Rejseholdet's homepage it says 4th of april 2002, at 22:45 pm, but my tv-guide shows that they will send football at that time !
Online again
After some days in Holland (very nice !) I returned to work oday. And after having hanging around nearly all day, waiting for the moving people, I finally have got my desk and computer. I am sitting near the window, having a great view on a kind of park, and a very big tree just outside the window. We are having our office in an old hospital now, which it totally rebuild, and it is located in a park and close to the sea. I'll be back later with a longer update and some pictures I took in Holland.