Thursday, November 29, 2001

The ultimate christmaspresent if you have a nerded boy- or girlfriend: a Computerparfum ! The special thing about this perfume is that it smells of computer ! It will be sold in limited edition (5000 pieces) and the price is $100.

(Source : Politiken)
The most annoying type of webcommercial is the one on the right side of Politiken's website. I suggest to give it the price : "most irritating webcommercial 2001"

And I have subscribed my weblog to the Link & Think site, to support World Aids Day on the 1st of december.

You can still reach it, if you want to join too:
Link & Think : World Aids day project
I finally got in contact with the watchservice in Viborg, after having trying to call them since last friday. The didn't pick up the phone all week. Today I phoned from home in stead of from work, and suddenly they picked up the phone. Is it because they recognize my work telephone number, and therefor not take it ? Anyway, the latest is that my watch is send from Holland last friday, and it should in Viborg this week, after that they send it to my work. Do I believe this ? Not really.


In those times you must not be surprised to see lots of people (mostly older women) going around with plastic bags and scissors. I was also wondering what the hack they were doing so early in the morning (I met 4-5 on my way to work this morning) but they are collecting things to make christmas decorations (braches, berries etc.) The first of december they have to be ready with their Advent decorations, so time is running short.


I am flying to Holland at 17.00pm this afternoon, will stay there until monday evening. I have to do some computer work for one of my friends on friday, and the rest of the weekend is going to be relaxing. Harry Potter is planned on sunday, and I look forward to see the brand new cinema they have built in my hometown.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Film: Training day
Disappointing ! Normally I like Denzel Washington a lot, but this film is just one of these films you forget about after just one night sleep. Even though it is something new to see Denzel Washington playing the bad guy, I am not that impressed by the story, and not really of Ethan Hunt (the good guy) either. Haven't we seen enough of those good cop bad cop stories ? Not especially a recommendation from my site for Training Day. I am wondering why it got 4 (out of 6) hearts at Politiken. Bogart was more correct : 3 (out of 5) hats. I would give it a 5.5 out of 10.


I get totally bombed with mails infected by the W32/BadTrans@MM virus. I normally never open attachments from mails from people I don't know, but I actually found out that I was running Notron Antivirus without Emailvirus check. Pfeww, stupid me ! It's installed now, and it actually gives a warning a warning on all those infected mails I am receiving. It also has reached the frontpage of most danish newspapers : Berlingske for example. You better upgrade your virusscanner !
What to do when you bore yourself at work ?
You surf to DK4 (a non commercial danish tv station) , click on the link saying Lyrikkens mester - Steffen Brandt, put your headphones in your ears, or put them on your ears, depending on the model you have, lean back in your chair and enjoy 2 times 25 minutes talk from Lyrikkens mester (in danish only). It might make you smile now and then, if you speak danish, and happens to like Steffen B.. Lyrikkens mester could be translated as master of text, and that's actually a very appropriate translation.
The first influences of having a new government in Denmark are noticeable closeby. I have been quite stressed to get some work finished for one of our customers. But today we got the message that they are stopping all development because of the government shift, they are not sure in which direction their department is going. Not so much fun for them probably, but for me it means that I can relax and have all the time to prepare for the trip to Holland tomorrow, which is nice.

Sinterklaas candy This is the candy that belongs to Sinterklaas, it's called pepernoten, mixed with all other kinds of candy. This is what children get in their shoe when Sinterklaas is visiting them at night. This is only before the 5th of december, on the 5th children get their presents, after that Sint goes back to Spain.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Virus warning
I am currently receieving around 5-6 mails per day with attachments from people I don't know. The attachments are having names like .mp3.scr (all those mails are around 40K big) . Very sneaky, because when you try to open the mail in outlook, outlook thinks it is a mp3 and immediately tries to open the attachment file. Seems to me there are some people having outlook virusses again, and it is spreading fast. So beware of emails with those kind of attachments ! I would say be careful opening emails with attachments, especially from people you don't know. It might save you from some virus trouble.
Sinterklaas again
I thought I could slip for making the surprise parsels this year, but my family has decided that we are going all the way at our Sinterklaas party this year. The only thing is that we move it from the 5th of december until the 25th, so I have a little more time to be creative. I can't start yet because we have to draw a name first. You have to buy presents and make this surprise parcel (incl. poem/rhyme) for the person you got. I better start getting some inspiration.


There has been no further news from my watch, I didn't hear from them since last friday where they told me that they didn't know where it is. Irritating !


There are circulating some ideas about starting a filmfreak blog. I already found one co-writer, which funny enough is a dutch in UK, but we can use more persons ! If you are interested in films, go regulary to the cinema and like to write your critics about films you have seen, you're welcome to become a co-blogger at The site hasn't started up yet (as you can see on the empty layout) , we are looking for filmfreak co-bloggers first ! Send a mail if you're interested, the only thing we ask is that you can write in english and are a kind of a filmfreak.

Monday, November 26, 2001

How much cyber can we handle ?
At Fredgaard (a danish computer/cd/tv etc shop) you can now download your own Advent candle for your pc. It will light an extra candle automatically the next 4 sundays up to christmas. Now that's one thing less to worry about isn't it !

Get your automatic adventcandle here.

Sunday, November 25, 2001

New Steffen Brandt interview
Opasia just published a brand new interview with Steffen Brandt (in danish only). This interview is one of the chapters of a new book written by Jens Larsen about Songwriters. The Steffen Brandt article tells about where Steffen gets his inspiration from, and how the process of songwriting is for him. I love those kind of interviews, and I can never get enough of reading about Steffens texts, how they are written and what the deeper meaning is with them. It is no secret that those texts are a big inspiration to me in my daily life.

From the interview - Steffen's favourites and sources of inspiration:

"Lou Reed: Berlin
Doors: Strange days
Bob Dylan: Blonde on Blonde
Beatles: Revolver
Björk: Debut
Radiohead: O.K. Computer
Per Højholt: Praksis-serien
Martin A. Hansen: Løgneren
Johs. V. Jensen: Kongens fald
Dan Turèll: Alhambra Blues
John Steinbeck: Vort mismods vinter
Villy Sørensen: Vejrdage
Klaus Rifbjerg: Marts 70
Selma Lagerlöf: Gösta Berlings Saga
Jim Jarmusch: Down by Law
Leos Carax: De elskende fra Pont Neuf
Jonas Elmer: Let’s get lost
Oluf Høst : Bognemark
Pablo Picasso: Hest i grøft
J.F. Willumsen: Burlesk"

Places : Jacobshavn, Allinge-Sandvig, Port de Vincennes, Palermo, Leningrad, Skanderborg, Süderoy, Sospel, Herning (the town of nothing), Begtrup, Amerika 8660.

Interesting list ...
More christmas and pixies in Århus
I better start to like Christmas a bit more, because Århus is profiling itself as the christmascity of Denmark.

"The Christmas City of Denmark
In Aarhus you will find the recipe for the best Christmas ever - it can be just like the old days and full of charming traditions, or it can be hyper-modern and reflecting the trends of the times. 400 animated pixies will create the perfect "Christmassy" atmosphere in a large pixie tent next to the stalls at the city's Christmas fair outside the Concert Hall and at the large outdoor skating rink. Just around the corner you will find the shopping streets bedecked with glittering decorations and Christmas lights, and shops filled with everything your heart could desire at Christmas time. Within walking distance in the Old Town urban museum you can rediscover the Christmases of the good old days in a living and breathing reconstruction of the past. "

Read more about Århus on

Saturday, November 24, 2001

Jack is back
I saw The Pledge today. A film directed by Sean Penn, and with Jack Nicholson. Jack is great in this film. Good story, unexpected ending, I give it an 8.5 out of 10, it got 4 hats (out of 5) in Bogart and 5 hearts (out of 6) on Politikens filmsite.
Harry Potter is scheduled for next sunday, together with my mother in Holland.

I made another typical danish christmasthing today : Ris a l'Amande. I would nearly say, that you should be able to make that if you life in Denmark. It's nothing more then cooking rice in milk for an hour, add whipped cream and almonds (again!) and top it with cherrysauce. A real foodbomb, but it tastes good! I only made so much that I probably have to eat it the rest of the week. If you live in the neighborhood you can come by and get a portion !

Friday, November 23, 2001

No watch in sight
My watch still hasn't arrived here. It has not arrived at Nordic Watch in Viborg either, so it can be anywhere between Holland and Denmark. I am so tired of it that I have decided to buy another watch, in stead of being irritated by this all the time.
In my ear at the moment : Outlandish - Outland's official Fav song: Walou.
Mission Impossible
And a price for the first correct answer to the following question:
How many black dots can you see on the enclosed picture ? :-)
Mission impossible : Count the black spots
More Harry Potter
The new Harry Potter movies got 4 hats (out of 5) in Bogart and 5 hearts (out of 6) on Politikens filmsite. I think I am going to see it in Holland next weekend, together with my mother.

If you are wondering why I didn't write a new episode on TDW (The disappearing Watch), it's because I expected to receive my watch today. So I gave them another day to have it delivered. Of course it didn't came today, I did try to call them but they don't pick up the phone. More about this later ... (if they are ever going to pick up the phone! Maybe they just closed down and moved to another country, together with all the thousands of watches they have collected from people who thought that they had send it to be repaired.)

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Sinterklaas - the dutch Santa Claus

While Denmark is in a total christmas atmosphere, people (especially children) in Holland are concentrating on something completely different.

About three weeks before the 5th of December, 'Sinterklaas' (Saint Nicholas) arrives in Holland on a steamboat from Spain. For a few exciting weeks, he rides across our rooftops on a white horse, accompanied by his helpers, a band of Zwarte Pieten. (Dark Helpers). Sinterklaas has kept notes in a big book all year round about all the children in Holland. Good children receive presents and naughty children get taken back to Spain in a gunnysack. Sinterklaas dresses in a red bishop's robe complete with mytre and pastoral staff, a seemingly genuine Catholic saint. Zwarte Piet wears a Moorish costume.

Before the real Sinterklaas evening (on the 5th of december) children are allowed to put their shoe near the maindoor of their house, many times they also put a carrot for the horse of Sinterklaas or a little present for Sinterklaas himself beside it. At night Sinterklaas comes by, empties the shoe and puts a little present in the shoe in stead. Many times this is the childrens initial in chocolate, or some special kind of candy.

Holland celebrates Sinterklaas on the 5th of December. Traditionally, adults and children give each other gifts with little rhymes to go with them. The poems usually point out the bad traits of the person receiving the gift. Surprise parcels are also a favourite and everyone receives his or her initial in chocolate.
(Source : Radio Netherlands)

As you can see it's smart to be in Holland around the 5th of december, and to be back in Denmark around christmas, because then you receive presents 2 times ! I am going to visit Holland next weekend and will try to take some pictures of Sinterklaas related things. You can't find any christmasdecorations in Holland until after the 5th of december, then the shops change to christmas. Children in Holland don't believe in Santa Claus, but after some years many people give each other gifts with christmas, as a result of continious marketing of all the shops!

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Some Statistics
I had to look it up, so I might as well publish it here too.

Did you know that:
- 505 dutch people were living in Copenhagen in 2000
- 150 dutch people were living in Århus in 2000

Totally 4217 dutch were living in Denmark in 2000.

Those kind of statistic information (also for other countries then Holland), and much more you can find on Danmark Statistik

Does Pia K. know this ??
Election in Denmark

"Denmark's centre-right opposition won its biggest victory in eighty years on Tuesday, ejecting the Social Democrat-led government after a snap campaign focused on immigration. Veteran Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, the European Union's longest serving premier, conceded defeat with tears in his eyes just before midnight saying that "the country we are now handing over to a centre-right government is a far better one than it was when we came to power almost nine years ago," and pledging to stay on as party leader. Meanwhile, Liberal leader and Prime Minister elect Anders Fogh Rasmussen told jubilant supporters at a victory party on a ferry moored in Copenhagen harbour that the election was a historic one and celebrated the fact that the Liberals were once again Denmark's biggest party, after eighty years of Social Democratic pre-eminence. The extreme-right Danish People's Party, which has described immigration as the single biggest threat to the Danish society, also made strong gains, almost doubling its representation in parliament from the last election in 1998. But Danes also seemed to have given seats to two second-generation immigrants for the first time. Turnout on Tuesday was 89.3 percent of the electorate, a near record in a Nordic nation with strong democratic traditions."

Source : DR english news

The speech of Poul Nyrup Rasmussen was actually very touchy, it looks like he was close to crying, and I have to say that it touched me too. Something we should be worried about is the big growth of the Danish Peopleparty, they are very right winged and they got way too many votes. I'm sure this has something to do with the 11th of september.

Also Århus is changing to a centre-right mayor, the current social Democrat Flemming Knudsen is going to be replaced by Louise Gade, a 29 year old Centre-Right party member.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Danish movie record !

I just read in the Berlingske newspaper that the danish movie En kort en lang has been seen by 48.000 persons, this first weekend it is running. This is a record number for a danish premiere film. The danish film market consists for 2/3 part of danish films, which is the highest for the last 20 year.
To get a bit more response from my visitors, I am hereby introducing Quickpoll, a little voting system. I will change the polls subject every once in a while, but since I am a filmaddict lots of them will be about films. Since we were talking about Harry Potter, this most be the first poll. Give me your opinion!

You can get those free polls at But the registration is in DANISH!
The day after
At this moment both my arms feel like Mike Tyson has used them as a boxingball. The lef just a little bit longer then my right, and now I understand why this doctor asked me if I was left or right handed.

Harry Potter
I am looking forward to see Harry Potter in the cinema, not the least because John Cleese is in it (probably in a small part). Is there anybody out there who has already seen Harry Potter, and what did you think of it ?

Monday, November 19, 2001

Total injection is over
Pffew, glad that is done. Now I just can look forward to my trip to Senegal/Gambia in January. I got 3 injections, one in both arms and one in my chest. It didn't really hurt, and when you don't look you nearly don't notice it, it's done in a few seconds. Both my arms feel like I have been weightlifting far too heavy weights for 8 hours today though. Now I need to eat some pills against some liver illness, and when I take off I have to eat some malaria pills. There is a chance I will get some fever 10 days from now, because of the yellow fever injection I got. No it's definetly not just a 2-weeks-lay-down-on-the-beach-holiday this one, but I am sure that it will much more impressing. And having temperatures of 25-30 degrees (celsius) in Januar is not too bad either !

I just returned from veggie cookingclass today, next monday is the last time. I made apfelstrudel today (the famous austrian after ski dessert), and it tastes great. Next week we will make a christmasdinner. It's the first one in a long row, having christmasdinners (julefrokost) is what danes do in december, with their work, friends, sportsclub etc.

As a last thing, I just saw Robinson again, and my absolute favourite person (Lasse from Århus) has just been voted out. In my eyes he was the only person that deserved to win, so it's not at all fun to watch it anymore now. I have to find some other mondayevening activities soon.
I hear from other bloggers that they have the same problems with their guestmaps. It was a nice idea, but if they can't handle it properly, it's not usable for me. That's a pity.


More and more people are notifying me of lost posts on their guestmaps. It seems like something has gone wrong at, and not only for me.
My guestmap is empty!!
I just checked my guestmap. Yesterday it was full of dots, today it only has two !! So something went very wrong there, because it shows a version of weeks ago. If that's the way it works I don't recommend you to use it. Man I am disappointed to have lost all those notes people has sent me !


I am so disappointed in having lost all the posts on my guestmap, that I have decided to remove my guestmap and to go back to and old fashioned guestbook. I programmed it myself, so no unforseen surprises with loss of information here. Please sign ! :-/
6 hours to "Total Injection"
Time goes way to fast, and I'm getting more nervous every hour. It doesn't really help that all my colleagues are coming with the most horrible stories of how big those needles are and all the places they are going to stick them ! Help !!!

Sunday, November 18, 2001

En kort en lang
This was absolutely the most funny movie I have seen in a very long team, I rate it 9 out of 10, and I am sure I am going to see it at least one more time. Long time ago, I rated a movie for a 9 !

From the highly popular Danish comedian Hella Joof comes the feature En Kort en lang - A romantic comedy about Jacob and Caroline falling in love. A simple matter apart from the fact that Jacob has a relationship with Jørgen, and Caroline lives with the SAS-pilot, Tom, who happens to be Jørgen's brother. The question is how many scratches you can take, before you end up with the one you really love?


Another fun story is that 3 gossip magazine here in Denmark came out with a story about Crown Prince Frederiks newest girlfriend. They all agree that she is australian, but 2 magazines show 2 complete different girls on their pictures, while the third has at least the same name of the girl, but her age is different and so is her job. Frederik doesn't confirm anything. The story goes that he has met this girlfriend in Sydney, at the olympics in 2000. I'll keep you updated when we hear more, until know nobody knows ..

It's big injection day tomorrow, I have to get my vaccinations for Senegal tomorrow. I am not looking forward to that, since there are quite a lot of them. I wonder how my body will respond to all those strange liquids injected.

Added a searchbox to this site
I just added a searchbox to this weblog, so now it's possible to search through alle the posts in this weblog. I think it's a great feature. It's hosted by, if you like to read more, read Jack Saturn explanation on Blogger. The good thing is that you can customize the search results so it fits your weblog.


Hits as a result of the Blogs of note nomination are still rolling in, it has resulted in lots of new dots on my guestmap. Thank you all for leaving your mark there, it's so nice to hear from you !


Now I'm off to the cinema, to see the movie I have been looking forward to for weeks now : En kort en lang. I'm sure it's going to be a fun movie, but it also has some serious sites. It's a good day for a cinema visit, the weather is grey and cloudy. More about the film later ...

Saturday, November 17, 2001

Danish christmas recipe
One of the best (fast and easy) danish christmas recipes I found is the one of Brændte mandler (Burned almonds), I just made them, it takes about 10 minutes and they taste so good !

100 gram almonds (without skin)
100 gram sugar
2 spoons of water

Put all ingredients in a small pan/cooking pot, varm it up and stir once i a while until the sugar is dry again (it takes a little while).

Now you have to keep on stirring continuously until the sugar is melted again and it gets a light brown color (caramel like). Keep stirring until the sugar has turned into caramel and the almonds are covered by caramel.

Now put all the almonds on a piece of baking (non sticking) paper. Take 2 forks and separate them from each other before the caramel gets stiff again. Watch out because they are VERY hot !

They are best when you eat them immediately after, while they are still a bit warm. Bon appetit !
I was just checking my site statistics for this weblog, and they were quite high, compared with other days. How can that be I thought. Wel it's because my blog is listed on the BLOGS OF NOTE list on Blogger !! I feel honoured, thanks !

Now that we are at it, I just like to mention that Blogger is a great tool. Because of it's ease of use, it really inspires you to keep updating your Blog regulary.


Wow I can see this has effect on my guestmap too! It's so cool to see people marking their locations marked on my worldmap. It's really fun to see where they all come from ! Thanks for marking you all !!

Friday, November 16, 2001

Nisser ...
One of the fun things about christmas in Denmark is their Nisse (Pixie in english, I had to look that up) culture. I bought four little pixies today, and four more for my mother, but she doesn't know that yet. (No she can't read this because her internetconnection won't work until next week) Anyway the ones I bought are called Tot & Tilde, and here is their story:

The worst teasers in Pixieland are Tot & Tilde. Your fantasy is the limit as to what the two can think up in the lines of mischief, especially around Christmas time, when the pixies' caves and cottages are hidden well away under a thick layer of snow. In the cosy kitchen. Tilde and Mother-Pixie are busy baking Christmas cookies for the whole family. Meanwhile, Tot and father-Pixie chop the wood, so that all the pixies can have a nice and warm Christmas

OK, maybe they should work on their rolmodelling a bit, I mean I'm sure that Tilde can chop wood, and that Tot can bake cookies, but it's a sweet story. Danish children believe that those small pixies live on the loft of their house, and to keep them friendly they need to be feeded with a kind of rice dessert. Pixies are not mean, they are teasers.

Introducing the Pixie family (picture taken by me):
Pixie family
I bought a wide angle setup lens to my Olympus C-2020Z camera today. Expensive it is, but I hope to get some fine shots with it when I am in Senegal in Januar. But I will definetely test it this weekend, if it stys dry. I also bought my first christmas things today, you simply can't ignore them in the shops. I bought some lights and some small nisser, more about them later ...
Don't forget to look to look at the sky tonight. It's one of those weekends where you can see lots of meteors !
The 2001 Leonid shower

Thursday, November 15, 2001

I just returned from Entre Scenen, one of the smaller, but very cosy theatres in Århus. I saw a theatergruop called Blot til Lyst, they make improvisation theatre. This means that they will ask some questions to te public before they start, and depending on the answers given by the public, they improvise their show. It's very funny and impressing to see such a show develop. It's good to be cultural sometimes.
Just added 2 new logs to my Fav Blog list. First of all "How to learn swedish in 1000 difficult lessons" (one of the longest blog names I have seen until now. This blog is written by Frances, another foreigner (american) in Scandinavia. The other one is Wim de Bie, he is a famous dutch uhmmm critic/comic I would call him. Because it's fun to read dutch sometimes and because he really writes a good blog.
The disappearing watch part III
Yes it's time again for your weekly episode of The Disappearing watch. For those just tuning in, my watch is on a trip throughout Europe, while I thought I only was delivering it to have it repaired. You can read previous episodes here.

But I just made my weekly call to Nordic Watch in Viborg (the place I send my watch to a loooong time ago). They obviously don't have a show-who's-calling function on their phone, because they still pick up the phone when I ring them, and that have been a number of times the last period.

This time I actually asked them what the hack my watch is doing in Holland, but it seems to be that their repairing place is located there. But honestly : how unexpected is it to have a dutch person living in Denmark buying a danish watch in Denmark and afterwards having it send to Holland to have it repaired ??

Anyway, if everything goes as planned, my watch will be send back to Nordic watch in the beginning of next week. And then they only have to send it from Viborg to Århus, back to me. I will have it send to my work, to be absolutely sure that they are not going to deliver it when I am not at home. They still could find the note with my work's address on, so honestly what can go wrong ?

Episode IV (and maybe the last one) of The Disappearing Watch, next thursday, don't miss it!

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Just a wednesday..
I have been fitnessing again, until now I have been able to keep a kind of schedule, I have been there 2 times a week until now. It's a funny world this fitness world, Nike must earn millions, there are not many people going around without Nike clothes. I better like to go there in my old Simple Minds t-shirt, just to provoke them a little bit. I had had to scratch the ice from my bikesaddle on my way home, yes it's cold again.

I am getting a little bit more danish, because I actually got a votingcard in the mailbox today. I may not vote for the government, but I may vote for Århus county, and Århus muncipality (don't think I knew those words in english, it's amt and kommune in danish and I had to look them up in english). I am a simple mind you know. The whole country is totally into election at the moment.

By the way I found another non-scandinavian in Scandinavia, Frances, an american in Stockholm, and yes he is blogging too. He was nice to write in my guestmap. I need more spots in there, so come on and leave a note there !

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

In my ear at the moment : Travis - The Invisible Band. I heard they gave a great concert in Copenhagen (sometimes it's irritating to live in Århus, all the fun things seem to happen in CPH). I like the songs that have been played in the radio, but I am not so wild about the rest of the songs on the album. Might be I have to give them some more playtime in my cd player ?
More chinese people visiting Denmark
After the visit of the chinese delagation to our office yesterday, I received a mail from a chinese girl who was interested to know if it was possible to visit the Storebælts museum with another group of chinese people visiting Denmark. I didn't even know we had such a museum, but after a post on the newsgroup dk.fritid.rejse (how could I ever life without those newsgroups, they are great !), I know we have, it's located in Korsør, and they have a website too. Their opening hours are a bit strange though, they close somewhere in october, and open again in march. Here you can really feel that Denmark is a small country. Anyway they have a possibility to have a special arrangment for groups, so maybe this chinese group can visit the museum anyway. Can it be that this is the same group of people that was visiting us yesterday ? I have to find out !

Monday, November 12, 2001

Another plaincrash
There has been another plaincrash in New York. It has not been confirmed that this crash has anything to do with terroristic actions. But that doesn't make it less dramatic.

CNN's updates their site all the time.
A Visit from China
Today around 15 chinese people were visiting our office. They were very interested in the concept Netjob is running :

NetJob initially began in 1995 as a joint pilot project with The Danish Centre for Technical Aids for Rehabilitation and Education, Århus County and the Århus Bureau for Employment.

The project?s aim was the development of an education model in which IT skills could be used as a means of increasing job market opportunities for the physically disabled. The results revealed that physically disabled individuals with computer skills were subsequently armed to compete on a level playing field with others in the job arena: 90% of our project participants obtained employment.

We must be a bit special, since they are coming all the way visiting us here in Denmark !

Sunday, November 11, 2001

Denmark-Holland 1-1
Again a very boring match. It could just as well have been 0-0, because both goals are made because of penalties, and both penalties where not deserved. After the game I played a boardgame called "Scotland yard" with 2 of my friends, now that's a funny game, a game where you have to use your brains a bit, and I like that.

Morten Olsen has been chosen "Danish person of the year 2001" (I find that unbelievable, but danes are very footballminded, and the danish team has only lost one match while Morten Olsen has been trainer). Number 2 is Prins Frederik, number 3 Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, number 4 Queen Margarethe.


I forgot to tell that there has been an eartquake in Denmark last thursday. It has been registered in the area Holbæk-Roskilde(Sjælland) and had a strength of 3 on the Rigter scale.


All the snow is melted again, the weather is back to normal danish fall weather : windy, cloudy and probaly rainy soon too.

Saturday, November 10, 2001

Football : Denmark - Holland
The footballgame (soccer) between Denmark and Holland is this evening, the game starts at 19.00 pm. I don't think it will be a very exiting game. Some major danish players are not coming and I wonder how motivated Holland is, now that they are going to miss the Worldchampionships. The only good thing is, that there are rumours going around that Louis van Gaal (the trainer of Hollands) is going to leave after this match. I really hope so, I think it will benefit the team a lot when he leaves. Apart from that I have never seen a more snobbed, mannerless and highnosed person as he is.


I have bought Tobias Trier's new cd today. Favorite song : Han elsker den hund (He loves that dog). I am not surprised that more and more people are copying music or use mp3. Prices for new cd's are way to high, this is not really stimulating the public to buy them. I had to pay 149 DKK (€ 20,40) for this cd. Of course this one is absolutely worth it, but you'll think twice with those prices.

Friday, November 09, 2001

Big J-day
Today it is big J-day in Denmark. J stands for Juleøl day, and that means christmasbeer ! Today all the breweries in the country are starting to sell their special christmasbeer, and that is very popular in Denmark.

Thursday, November 08, 2001

It's snowing and white outside ! :-)
The disappearing watch part II
Readers of the disappearing watch part I are of course eager to hear what has happened since I last contacted the Viborg watch repairing place. Well I have news ! I just talked with the reparation joint in Viborg, and guess what, they have actually found out where my watch is, now that's what I call progress ! After 2 weeks of searching they have found out that my watch is currently located in .. Holland (of all places).

Now, I have 2 questions:
1. What is a danish made watch (Jacob Jensen) bought in Århus doing at a repairing place in Holland ?
2. Will I ever see it again ?

Episode III of The Disappearing Watch, next thursday, don't miss it!


PS the first snow has fallen in Denmark :-) I like that, but the bad thing is that there have been a lot of car crashes.
It's winter
This morning I woke up with the sound of people scratching the ice from their car windows. Yes the winter has started, gloves were nice to have on this morning, biking to work. I love the winter when it's cold and icey, in stead of a half warm rainy one.

Wednesday, November 07, 2001


Due to a total lack of inspiration, I found this list at Dennis' site. He's is credited here and thanks for the idea.

So let's make a four things list here.

Four "big things" in 2001:
:: Meeting Steffen Brandt , a life's experience
:: Visiting Zup radio program. tv-2 was playing here, and I was so lucky to win a black tv-2 leather jacket in a tv-2 quiz, live on the radio.
:: My mother moved from my childhood home, not dramatic, but big anyway
:: the big changes that are going on in the world right now

Four times great culture in 2001:
:: Zirkus Nemo, with Søren Østergaard. Even though this zirkus is in danish, my mother had a big laugh ! (and she doesn't understand a word danish).
:: Cirque du Soleil - Quidam. I saw this amazing circus in Copenhagen, a fantastic experience.
:: Tobias Trier at Train. I hope he will continue writing fantastic lyrics. Give his cd's a try.
:: TV-2 in Århus Scandinavian Congress Centre, no doubt (neither with themselves) that this one was one of their best concerts ever

Four books I reread.
:: Jonathan Livingstone Seagull
:: Rijke Meiden and most other books by Youp van 't Hek Youp is in my eyes the person that comes close to Steffen B.'s humour
:: Most of my Snoopy (Charles M. Schulz) books
:: Tolkien - Lord of the Rings (But I can 't seem to get further then halfway part I - everytime I try) Maybe Harry Potter is more in my league.

Four TV shows that were on when I was a kid.
:: The A-Team
:: The six million dollar man
:: The Incredeble Hulk
:: Knight Rider
American tv was (en still is) doing well in Holland.

Four things I miss from Holland
:: drop (liquiorice) !
:: a dutch snackbar around the corner
:: bread
:: being able to speak the language with someone

Four names for a dog.
:: Boomer(He's the greatest, and most fun dog we ever had)
:: Pepper (our old Cocker Spaniel)
:: Snoopy (who doesn't like this dog)
:: Jens Marius (a funny looking dog with his own homepage, and main character in a new game made by Jyske Bank.)

The four least favorite CDs in my collection.
:: Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn back the clock - Anyone interested ?
:: Color me Badd - CMB - Definetely Badd it is !!
:: Michael Jackson - Blood on the dancefloor , big disappointment after History. I never really understood why this album suddenly came up ?
:: Brian Adams - So far so good ! I am absolutely tired of Brian Adams

Four movies that I will never forget :
:: Festen - (The celebration) THE film for me
:: Bænken (The Bank)
:: Dead Poets Society
:: Sangen fra anden sal - the most weird film I have ever seen (it's swedish)

Four places to go to in my city.
:: Øst for Paradis, you simply have to visit this one of a kind cinema in the centre of Århus
:: Get the city's best view from the top of the cityhall tower.
:: Vadestedet - Århus' answer on Nyhavn. Lots of bars, restaurants, cafe's are gathered around the Århus river (which runs through the middle of the city - don't expect a major river though !)
:: Rent a bike, bike to Marselisborg slot (the royal summer residence), and after that to Marselisborg woods, which hosts Århus' best and most beautiful biking track !

Four times goodnight from Århus.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

I'm back from some hours intensive fitness in the new fitness centre here in the area. I am sure that I on thursday will write that I am having the worst muscle pains ever. It is way too long ago since I did some sports or motion. But I intend to change that. I can feel that I'm getting older, and sitting behind a screen all day is not exactly healthy, when you don't do some sports after work.

They have promised the first nightfrost by the end of the week, and if we are lucky we will get some kind of wet snow (slud the danes call it). I like snow, and a winter isn't a winter without it, snow and frost, I'm ready !

Christmas is seriously approaching now. You can tell that by the amount of advertising magazines you'll get in your mailbox every week. Sallings christmascatalogue has arrived, and they have started to decorate shops. Even though I am a christmas allergic, I like all the lights they hang up in the city. I am considering to hang some small christmas lights in my appartment too. I will not have a christmastree at home because I am going to spent christmas and NewYear in Holland.
In my ear at the moment: Madonna - Music. I know I am a little bit late, exploring this cd first now. But I have to say that I am positively surprised about this album, I really like it. Fav's : Amazing and Don't tell me.
I'm still struggling to get our websites moved from an NT server to a win2000 server. 80% of it works, but it takes so much time to get the last 20% up and running. Luckily most answers to problems I run into are available in newsgroups. But this is what I will be doing at work the next few days (weeks - months?)

I have tested Blogbuddy a few times now, and I really like the program. The only thing is that you can't edit your old posts, but maybe that will come in the new version.

Monday, November 05, 2001

Did you know ?
After playing Trivial Persuit yesterday (I was far ahead, but we didn't finish the game, so who knows what could have happened) I accidently stumbled over this Useless knowledgde site. You can definetely learn something here, and it might help next time you play Trivial persuit !

Did you know :
Why is milk white ?

Can dog see colors ?
More senegal links ..

Some more information about my Snegal trip. Those 2 sites are in danish only (sorry!) and are about the project I am going to visit.

Hans & Grethe på eventyr i Senegal - Cyklister 4-99 - Dansk Cyklist Forbunds medlemsblad

Din gamle cykel kan få en fremtid i Afrika
Think before you travel ...
I thought it would be a good idea to find out what kind of vaccinations I need to go to Senegal/Gambia. A lot !! I have to say. On you can find out everything you need to know concerning vaccinations (is this an english word at all ?) and which one to get when you go somewhere. I have made an appointment on the 19th of november, and there I will be stuck with lots of needles and injections. Some people actually get sick as a reaction to some of the anti stuff you get. Well, this is not something I'm looking forward to !! If I had known that before ...

Sunday, November 04, 2001

Some more fall pictures

It is 100% sure that I am going to Senegal now. I can't find a lot of information on the internet though, there are not so many pictures available from this area. I have to do something about that when I'm back again.

Some friends are coming to visit me 10 minutes from now. We are going to play Trivial Persuit, I like that game, even though the danish version is a bit more difficult for me.

I close with 2 more pictures showing the beautfuls colours of nature. I was out for a little walk in the forest today, and when the sun shines the colors get even more beautiful.
Fall in Denmark

Fall in Denmark
Fall in Denmark

Friday, November 02, 2001

En kort en lang
I haven't seen the film yet (En kort en lang) but I'm ready to buy the soundtrack, already now. Hella Joof from Det Brune punktum (Do they have a website, couldn't find it!) has just instructed her first movie. Of course the other 2 members of Det Brune punktum (Peter Frodin and Martin Brygman) are also in this movie, and apart from the fact that this probably is going to be the most funny movie of the year, they definetly have delivered the best danish song of the year. You can hear it on the website, under Musikken, and then click song number 1, "Vent på mig". A few times a year it happens that I can hear a song 25 times in a row without getting tired of it. This is one of them!

Vent på mig
Bli' hos mig
Hvis vi snupler hen af vejen
Så griber vi hinanden igen
Ajax is out
I just read in the newspaper that FCK(openhagen) has beaten Ajax Amsterdam in the EUFA cup round (we are talking soccer/football now). Ajax lost 1-0 to FCK in Amsterdam. This must be a bit of a dissapointment for them, but I'm not really sorry. Ajax hasn't been Ajax the last few years, and I wonder if they ever will be on top again.

Let's see how Denmark-Holland goes, saturday the 10th of november.
In my ear at the moment : Radiohead - Kid A, a very different and special cd, but I do like it. How I did find out about the existence cd, is yet another tv-2 related affair. In a radio program where Steffen Brandt was allowed to play his favourit music, "Everything in it's right place" came passing by. I liked the song at once (it's to my opinion the best song on the album) and I decided to hear the whole cd.
Electionday in Denmark
On the 20th of november there will be hold election in Denmark. One for the parliament(Folketinget), on for the regions (Amt) and one for Århus city (Kommune). I haven't got a votingblanket yet, and I doubt that I have permission to vote - being a foreigner in Denmark.
Stay fit
When I have to bike some distance in Senegal, I better start to come in better shape. Bikingtripactivities are nearly zero in this period of the year so there is not so much to get there. But they have just opened a huge fitness centre around the corner where I live so I went in and bought a membercard yesterday. I also worked out for an hour or so yesterday, and intend to do that more regulary in the future. Let's see if I can hold that promise ! (I have to when I write it here!)

Thursday, November 01, 2001

Senegal continued ...

I haven't got a 100% confirmation on my Senegal/Gambia trip yet, but I am counting on it. It's a question of getting a plainticket to Gambia.

I think I will take loads of pictures, so I need to buy some extra Smartmedia cards for my camera. I also have to take loads of batteries with me, because there will not be a lot of possibilities to recharge while we are on our way. We will fly to Banjul - Gambia first, we will stay here for some days. There is a charterflight going there directly from Copenhagen, so there has to be some touristindustry over there. And if I'm lucky maybe an internetcafe too :-)

But my first flyingtrip is going to Holland on the 29th of november, a short weekend visit where I have to do some computerwork for one of my friends over there. The price of the plainticket to Holland, is half the price of what I paid last time (in september), only 1300 DKK ! Lots of people don't like to fly at this moment. Neither do I, but you have to if you want to see something.
I'm pissed !
I finally bought a Jacob Jensen (famous danish desginer) watch for some months ago, in a supermarked here in Århus. Buying it in a supermarked was probably mistake number one. After some months the watch broke (mistake number 2) but since it was only a few months old, I had garantee on it. But since it was a supermarked offer, I couldn't bring it to an official watchshop to have it repaired, no I had to send it to some obscure address in Viborg. The fact that I actually did that was the biggest mistake of all. Today I ringed them for the 10th, and it shows that the watch has disappeared from the earth ! It's gone, they can't find it, and there is a discussion going on between them and the package delivery company who should have delivered it to me a long time ago. So I'm really pissed now, and don't think I will see my watch ever again. So what did we learn today ? Never send your watch to an obscure address in Viborg ! To be continued ...