Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Today's Lesson : don't leave your email adress on a newsgroup!
The use of newsgroups really opened a new world for me. I have found a lot of solutions for some programming problem I had. The only thing I didn't know is that you get punished with loads of spam when you leave your email address on a newsgroup ! I think the number of spam mails has threedoubled since I accidently left my email adress on a newsserver. Luckily I didn't leave my main email address, but one I am using for internet related things, but it is annoying anyway. Now I understand why people write their email addresses so cryptical.

Be warned !
ingridonline (at) gmx (dot) net :-)
A Delayed summerholiday?

It looks like I will get a holiday after all. My summerholiday stranded and I couldn't really find out where I wanted to spent my holiday. So I didn't spent any holiday at all until now, apart from a week in Holland.

But yesterday I talked with one of my bikingfriends and he gave me an excellent idea for a holiday. I am going to bike in Senegal in January ! There is a danish organisation that sends used bikes to Senegal. Those bikes get fixed and are used as daily transport by the local people there. Now we are going to visit this project, and take a 2 week trip through Senegal, partly on bike. We will stay in small guesthouses and have the possibility to meet the local people. This really sounds great, and the good thing is : it's 25 degrees in January!

There is only one disadvantage : it's an 8 hour flying trip ... So I need to have a talk with my doctor, and get something to help against my fear of flying.

I'll keep you updated !

Monday, October 29, 2001

Tell me where you are !

Not so much news today. Veggie cooking class was turkish food today, and it was excellent ! We made a lot of desserts ( I love that) and a lot of good dishes, so that was great.

I found a very nice feature today. In stead of having a guestbook on your website, now you can have a guestmap ón your site, where people can write a little note, and actually click on a map to show where they are coming from. Of course I have to have one ! So click HERE and tell me where you are !! I really like this ! If you want one yourself, there is a link to it too.

Come on - say hello - from wherever you are :-)

Sunday, October 28, 2001

Today's picture
I totally forgot that we had to put our clock back today. So even though I felt that I standing was up late this morning, while listening to the radio I noticed that the radioprogram didn't match with the clock. First here I realized that I had forgotten to set the clock back ! But it is awfully early dark now in the evening.

The fall is really here now. I was out for a little walk in The Old Town (Den gamle by) today (it's located just near where I live) and the colours of fall are really beautiful. Here's one of the pictures i took.
Fall in Denmark
Fall in Denmark
Kærligheden overvinder alt
Apart from being a tv-2 song, this is the theme of the film " En kærlighedshistorie" I saw today. This is another dogmefilm, and a very good one too. It's a psychical drama about a man and a woman going through a deep crisis in their relationship, but in the end they solve their problems. I give this film a 8.5 out of 10. It's a very serious and heavy movie but very worth seeing. A dogme film has to submit to a set of 10 rules:

  1. Shooting must be done on location. Props and sets must not be brought in (if a particular prop is necessary for the story, a location must be chosen where this prop is to be found).
  2. The sound must never be produced apart from the images or vice versa. (Music must not be used unless it occurs where the scene is being shot).
  3. The camera must be hand-held. Any movement or immobility attainable in the hand is permitted. (The film must not take place where the camera is standing; shooting must take place where the film takes place).
  4. The film must be in colour. Special lighting is not acceptable. (If there is too little light for exposure the scene must be cut or a single lamp be attached to the camera).
  5. Optical work and filters are forbidden.
  6. The film must not contain superficial action. (Murders, weapons, etc. must not occur.)
  7. Temporal and geographical alienation are forbidden. (That is to say that the film takes place here and now.)
  8. Genre movies are not acceptable.
  9. The film format must be Academy 35 mm.
  10. The director must not be credited.

One of the things that you really notice is the handheld camera, and the fact that they don't use background music, at least no music that is not actually playing at the location. Like it or not, the Dogme idea has brought forward a lot of great films.

Saturday, October 27, 2001

Is your website Bobby approved ?

Bobby is a tool for Web page authors. It will help them identify changes to their pages needed so users with disabilities can more easily use their Web pages. For example, a blind user will be aided by adding a sound track to a movie, and a hard-of-hearing user will be aided by a written transcript of a sound file on a Web page. Bobby will recommend that these be added if they do not already exist.

If you like to check if your website is Bobby approved, go to the Bobby website and have it checked. You will be amazed about all the things missing on your website, at least I was. One of the things missing on my website were alt-tags on images, this is particulary important for blind people, or people that use a screen reader.

Why am I so interested in this ? Well I work for a company that has the intention to make internet available to as many people as possible, this includes disabled people, older people etc.

Friday, October 26, 2001

I have just downloaded a version of Blogbuddy, a nice little tool that you can run on your pc. Through this little program you can directly make posts to Blogger. This can be handy when you don't always want to have a browser open when blogging. And ofcourse there are much more editing possibilities with such a program then with an internet explorer. Let's see if this post reaches my weblog !
A new dogmefilm : coming to a theatre near you...
... if you live in Denmark that is. It's some time ago, but there is a new dogme film running in the cinemas. The name is
En kærlighedshistorie (A love story) and the film has got very good critics in the danish press. As a real dogme fanatik I have to see this film, maybe already this weekend.

Apart from that, another weird danish comedy is on it's way. The film is called Fukssvansen and it has premiere on the 2. of november. Fukssvansen means saw, I would not have guessed that the first time I heard it !
Recipe of the day
I received a mail today, from a dane actually, asking me for a recipe for satesauce. When we are talking missing things from Holland in Denmark, this absolutely is one of them. It's a sauce based on peanuts, and we (dutch people) eat it with french fries, rice, or spicey meat. If there is anyone out there having a better recipe, let me know.

Enjoy !

1 onion
1 small piece of butter
1 teaspoon sambal oelek (paste made of peppers - very spicey !)
1 teaspoon garlicpowder or 1 piece of fresh garlic
1 teaspoon ketjap manis (sojasauce)
1 teaspoon vinegar
1 teaspoon sugar
5 teaspoons peanutbutter
1 teaspoon maizena (maisstivelse)
3/4 liter water

Cut the onion and garlic in very small pieces.
Melt the butter, put the onion and garlic in the pan and stew it until the union is glassy.

Add the sambal, ketjap, vinegar, sugar and peanutbutter. Keep stirring and add the water.
Stir until it becomes a smooth sauce and add the maizena. Add water until it has the right

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Back again
Well that became some blogdays off. I was so tired after 2 days in Ebeltoft talking and listening all day that I didn't have energy to write anything. Apart from the energy, also the inspiration was far away, and still is. I was to a beginnerscourse for Salsa dancing yesterday, and it was quite fun. I was there together with 5 people from my bikingclub and we all had quite some fun. So we are really into spanish culture lately.

I have no more to write for today, hopefully some more interesting things will show up soon.

Monday, October 22, 2001

A blogday off
I just returned from Veggie cookingclass, we ate vegatarian sushi today and it tasted good I have to admit. Tomorrow and wednesday I will be in Ebeltoft, on a 2-days sminar with my work. I can't imagine anything more boring then that. Imagine living in a hotel near the sea, and not time to enjoy it because of boring meetings and all that. Totally waste of time and money. Anyway, I won't be back before wednesday.

One thing I don't like in Holland is that they have changed their stamps to self-adhesive ones. How much fun is that for a stampcollector like me ? It takes all the fun way. Even worse is that I heard in the radio today that Denmark is considering to do the same - I hope they don't go through with it.

I am going to plan my next trip to Holland soon, good night for now.

Sunday, October 21, 2001

More digital photo stuff
I found another very interesting site, if you are interested in photography. And I have to say that I am getting more and more interested. But as i wrote before, Ihave to learn a lot. The site I am talking about is called Fotokritik. The idea is that you can upload 5 of your pictures every week, and you can have them judged by other members. And ofcourse you can judge other peoples pictures. And I have to say, it's not only negative critisism I get on my pictures. So that works kind of motivating. I am also considering to become a member of a photoclub here in Århus. I would be nice to go out on some trips with other photographers (hopefully also some beginners like me).
Here is one of them people seem to like:
Saltsyderi Læsø
It's a picture of a place where they make salt, the old fashioned way, by heating seawater and filtering the salt. It's taken on Læsø.

Saturday, October 20, 2001

Karen Busck
Well in the Karen Busck - Tobias Trier contest I have to say that Tobias won. Karen's concert in Train today was ok, but there was not so much power in it. Of course she is less experienced then Tobias, and the public was kind of annoying, talking out loud during her songs. But she has a great voice, and it's nice to hear her live. But Tobias Trier has a bigger charisma, put him on stage with a guitar, and something good is going to happen.

Well that were the concerts for this week. Next concert will probably be in december, where I will go to a kind of 80's party in Train. I am considering going to see Marie Frank though, halfway november.

That's all for now, goodnight to you all, wherever you are.

Friday, October 19, 2001

Well it seems to work!
I'm impressed ! I am going to watch Seven now, a very spooky film with Brat Pitt. It looks a bit better in Netscape now, but Netscape still has trouble showing images directly through the text ! Does anybody have the same problem ?
Under construction
I am changing the layout at the moment so if it looks like crap, it's because of that. I am working on it !!

Thursday, October 18, 2001

TTT was great
After the worlds most boring football match (Ajax - Fc Copenhagen - 0-0), I saw a fabulous concert by Tobias Trier. He has so much energy and enthusiasm that it is very difficult not to get very glad hearing him. Catch him in a theatre near you if you get the chance ! By the way Karen Busck (the singer I am going to see on saturday) was among the public today. Will Tobias visit her concert too on saturday ?

TTT (Tobias Trier Thursday)
Tonight I am going to see and hear Tobias Trier here in
Århus. I am looking forward to it. I could not convince any of my friends to come along, so I am going alone. But it's good that talented danish musicians get a chance to bring out new cd's. It is not at all surprising that the recordcompany behind Tobias Trier, Pladeselskabet, is owned by ... yes here we go again TV-2!! They have taste those guys.
Your digital pictures - have them judged!

I found a great site about photography. There are a lot of examples and a lot of "how-not-to's" and you really can improve your pictures if you read around on this site. The very nice thing is that you can send 4 of your own pictures and have them judged ... Of course I did that and you can find the final result of the jury here. As you can see I have a lot to learn !

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

OK, one of my favourite Copenhagen pictures

Copenhagen, Nyhavn on a sunny day in august
Picture taken by me, more pictures on
Not really in the mood

A few short notes for today, I am not really getting very motivated with all those anthrax things happening. It's getting to me, even though nothing had happened in Denmark yet. But I was eating a hamburger in MacDonalds today, and I suddenly realized that they too are very american, and maybe a target. Enough about that for now.

Tomorrow Ajax Amsterdam is going to play against FC Kopenhagen (it's football/soccer we are talking about). Ajax has one of the less nice trainers in Holland, so if it was for him .. But I hope they win, for the players. See it 18:25 pm at TV3+ in Denmark or Nederland 2 in Holland.

Someone found my Copenhagen pictures very nice and asked for my permission to use them in their company præsentation. As a thank you they will write my name, website and a copyright for the pictures. I like the fact that they asked me first , so ofcourse I said yes :

Vi har fundet en serie af Deres fantastiske billeder fra blandt andet København udgivet på internettet, og skriver til Dem med ansøgning om tilladelse til brug af disse billeder i forbindelse med en præsentation af vores nystartede virksomhed.

Well that's always nice to hear ...

And then soms good news, if you like Bogart, the best danish filmprogram, Ole Michelsen (mr. Bogart himself) is coming back on tv again. No offence, but the program wasn't the same without him. I just looked at their website and saw that it has been redesigned, and more important updated !
The best thing about the Bogart site is something called Hatteservice, it's their opinion about new movies coming in the cinema. And since I nearly always agree with them, I am happy that it is updated again. They give between 1-5 hats for a movie, and my goal is to all movies that get 4/5 hats. It is quite seldom that they give 5, but Shrek got 5 (and that is deserved !) I can see that AI got only 3. So on this list I can see what I am going to see the next weeks : Moulin Rouge (5 hats!), En Kærlighedshistorie(danish movie) 4, Min søsters børn (danish, and only 3, but he, I see all danish ones !) And after seeing the preview of A knights tale I already had the impression that it was a lousy film, that's confirmed now : 1 hat (and that is also very seldom, it has to be very bad to only get one !) Oops, I see that Crocodile Dundee III also only got one :-/ ( we don't always agree, I would give it 3 hats)

Enough movie talk for now, otherwise it gets boring.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Not yet

The envelopes with undefined powder in Århus seemed to be fake, someone with an extremely bad taste of humour must have send them. Many of the suspisious envelopes circulating in Denmark are coming from Milano. Milano is the place where a SAS airplane crashed into a german private airplane for a week and a half ago. People are speculating about everything at the moment.

I myself, I don't really like all the things that happen around the world at the moment. Question is, will it get better some day, or will we just get used to it ?

Getting closer ?
7 people are prelimanary treated for Anthrax in Århus. A envelope with white powder has been delivered to a shop in City Vest, a large shopping centre in the west part of Århus. The police is counting on that it maybe is some kind of sick joke, but they will take the case seriously until they have got the results from the Danish serum institute. The serum institute is investigating the powder, and will come with a result in about three days.

Sunday, October 14, 2001

Tyson and Nielsen

Mike Tyson won the boxingmatch against the danish boxer Brian Nielsen. Not through a knockout like everybody expected, but Brian Nielsen had to give up because of an injury on his eye. Only a very small percent of the danes could see the fight, because it was send on a sattelite channel that nearly no one has. Even the regular sportprograms are not allowed to send anything from the match, not even the day after ! Ridiculous maybe, but I would not have watched the game anyway I don't like boxing. But for the Denmark this was a big media event.
A bit of Danish culture
Århus rådhustårnet by night
(Århus Citytower by night)

I saw Mona's verden today, a danish movie made by Jonas Elmer. It has a lot of wellknown danish actors (Sidse Babett Knudsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Bjarne Henriksen, Mads Mikkelsen, Jesper Asholt) in it and the story reminds me a little bit about Bridget Jones Dairy.I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

Talking about culture, Tobias Trier, a very talented danish musician and songwriter has just released his second album. I really like his first album "Bag de blå persienner" and look forward to hear his new songs. I will get a chance for that soon, because I will go to a concert with him on thursday. And talking about concerts, I am going to see Karen Busck, another talented danish songwriter and singer on saturday.

I finally saw the new Michael Jackson video on MTV and wasn't that impressed. It is not so welldone as f.x. Black & White or Thriller. But he is still capable of writing a hit, "You rock my world" is played a lot on the danish radio.

Friday, October 12, 2001

AI - by Steven Spielberg

I have to admit that I am also a little bit disappointed by the newest Spielberg movie A(rtificial)Intelligence. I feel that it's just another one of these overdramatized american movies, even though Haley Joel Osment plays excellent again. I give it a 7 out of 10, the story was a bit thin, but the special effects were great, so it was entertaining anyway.

I also scored a Gaffa (on of Denmarks best musicmagazines, and even better it's for free!) in the cinema. Here I read to my astonishment that the concert that Outlandish should give in Tivoli Copenhagen is cancelled because of a bomb threat from some anti-islam people! Is this Denmark we are talking about ? Outlandish consist of 3 guys, as far as I know they all have an islamic background, one comes from Honduras, Marocco and Pakistan, they sing in english and spanish (their first cd is great and has been playing in my cd player a lot the last months) and don't hide their backgrounds in their songs, which means that the music is a nice mix of pop, soul and has influences from their countries of origin.

As they say : Outlandish - Impossible to classify, impossible to label and impossible to ignore. Give them a try when you run into their cd, it's worth listening to.

Hopefully they will play their concert another time, they deserve it !
Århus culture night

This evening there is Culture night in Århus. This means that there are a lot of cultural activities spread over the city like music, theatre,art, mystic and adventure.

I took this picture at one of the cultural places. People had made houses and other shpes of paper and wood, and inside there were candles. It was a very special sight, and it gave a very nice atmosphere.
Windows 2000 - Techtalk
I spent the last 2 days converting my pc at work from NT to Windows 2000. This is not something you can do in a few hours, it takes a huge amount of time to get everything to work like it did before ! And there are always many things that don't work the way you planned. So after having looked for an error for a long time, and being rather desperate, I finally discovered how smart those newsgroups are. I subscribed to a few of Microsofts newsgroups and found the answer on my problem ! What a great thing internet is ! How could I have lived without those newsgroups for such a long time ??

Anyway to keep it to Techtalk, I am going to see AI tonight, the new movie of Steven Spielberg. I talked with my german ICQ Friend Achim about it yesterday, he has seen the film and he was disappointed. So I am very eager to see if I agree on that, the movie got good critics in Denmark.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Got some inspiration

I suddenly got some inspiration after visiting Danmarks kedeligste fans af Danmarks kedeligste orkester. A site made by Jesper which is just as big a tv-2 fan as I am. So I added a little tv-2 corner to my own homepage as well, mostly to keep track of all the concerts I have seen. All other people looking at this list must think I am crazy, seeing 9 concerts with them in 2001, and you know what : it's true - I am crazy :-)

Good night from Århus.

And I learned a new word today, thanks to Jan :
Danish: kål
Dutch : kool
English : not coal (as I thought) but cabbage!

Thanks Jan!

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Traditional dutch food !

Many people in Denmark always ask me what traditional dutch food is. And I always answer them that we eat mashed potatoes with some kind of vegatables (carrots, green cabbage - boerenkool, hutspot) mixed in it and then they look a bit lost.

So when my mother made me "Boerenkool met worst" (which is as dutch as it is ever going to get) last week I took a picture ! You are supposed to eat this meal with a sausage and put jus (which is a kind of brown sauce) in a little hole you make in this boerenkool. Looks like nothing, but tastes heavenly ! I miss this kind of food. (Inside information : tastes best with a Hema sausage !)
So what did I bring home from Holland

What do I bring home when I come back from my homecountry. I have been looking for a Corneille poster for a long time, but could not find it. But this time I was lucky and found a Corneille calender in stead, with 12 beautiful paintings for the year 2001. I like the colors in his paintings. If you like to get an impression of how his works look like, you can see some paintings here. Since they also had an special offer with peanutbutter in Holland, I also managed to get 4 Corneille plates home, very nice.

I did not bring drop (liquorice?) this time, but some Bros chocolate in stead. And some hagelslag for some of my friends from the cookingclass. Hagelslag is small pieces of chocolate that you can put on your (preferably white) bread. They come in many different types, white chocolate, dark chocolate, mixed etc, and they are one of the thing we dutch people miss while abroad. There are many internetservices where you can order typical dutch products, and hagelslag is always one of them.

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Back in Denmark

I just returned home to Denmark, after another trip with bus, train an airplane. The airplane was the most tireying one, even though it was only 50 minutes of flying. But I can't really relax in a plane, and all the things happened the last month haven't really made that better. So I am totally exhausted now.

It's a little strange to be back in Denmark again after a week in Holland, but something that always helps me back to the real world (which is Denmark right now) is hearing a TV-2 cd. So Amerika (which is not a connection to USA, but a part of a village near Skanderborg in Denmark) has been playing in my cd player in the bus from Billund to Århus. That helped !

Very short : it's raining here, and that is a bit disappointing after a week with sunshine in Holland. And I read in the newspaper that those vandalists finally succeeded in stealing a picture from the "The earth from above" exhibition. Shame on you !

Good night from Denmark.

Monday, October 08, 2001

I don't like mondays - tell me why
Lots of things are happening those last weeks. Today I heard that an SAS airplane had an accident in Milano. more then 100 people died in the crash, of which some danes. It is very seldom that accidents happen with SAS planes, according to the newspaper, the last time was 1969. I have to fly home tomorrow (with Maersk air) and I am not really looking forward to it.

Also because of the attacks in Afghanistan. Of course the USA had to react one way or another, but I am afraid that terrorists will strike back somehow, somewhere. It find it very very scary to hear that there again has been found a person with the disease "miltvuur" (in dutch, is it called miltfire in english?), something that could point to a biochemical attack. It must really be a nightmare when it comes to that.

Now about something less important. I saw Saturday night fever yesterday. It was a good musical with lots of good music, and the stage was great, with great decorations and lights. But the main role, Tony (played by John Travolta in themovie) was played by a bad actor. He wasn't the one who originally should play the role, and not the understudy either, he wasn't even mentioned in the official program. The problem was that he could not really sing, and at some moments you could hear the audience holding their breath because he really was singing very bad. He wasn't one hell of a dancer either, so that was a bit of a shame. But I had a very nice evening together with my mother anyway.

Tomorrow it's back to Denmark again ...

Sunday, October 07, 2001

Saturday night fever on sunday

Tonight I am going to see the Saturday night fever musical in Utrecht. This musical is of course inspired by the movie, and runs in a big theatre that is totally restyled to a 70-80's style discotheque. The musical is produced by Joop van de Ende, he also did the productions for the dutch versions of Miss Saigon and The Phantom of the opera. I have seen both those musicals in Holland, and I liked them. (The phantom is my favourite) At this moment the danish version of Miss Saigon is running in Aarhus, and the danish Phantom of the Opera is running in Copenhagen at the moment.

Saturday, October 06, 2001

The most photographed dog in our family

Another picture of the most photographed dog in our family. But he looks a little cute though !

Friday, October 05, 2001

More painting today
Another day of painting, which resulted in me in being very tired again. To make the painting more fun, our dog sometimes walks past just painted areas, which moves the paint from the wall to the dog !

The light spot on the end of this dog is paint. But his looks says something like : Paint on me ? I have no idea what you are talking about !

No more for today, goodnight from Holland...

Thursday, October 04, 2001

A little dayreport

I spent most of the day painting in my mothers new house, it's going to be a nice place when everything is finished. Tomorrow I will continue with that. On sunday I will see the musical "Saturday Night Fever" (yes inspired on the movie) in Utrecht. It is a big setup, so I am looking forward to it. Generally it is very nice to have some free days, and to spent some time with my family and our dog.

Again 2 shocking stories today, the plane crashed in the black sea, and the news that the factory in Toulouse problaby was an act of terror too. Where is this world going ? I am worried.

KLM (Dutch Airlines) is also fireing 2500 people, after the 11th of september disaster.

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

The first one from Holland
Yep, I arrived in Holland. It was an ok trip without any delay. I didn't feel quite comfortable flying though. I couldn't really notice any extended checks on Billund airport, and in Amsterdam it was the first time that I didn't have to show my passport.

It was only 45 minutes flying because we had a lot of wind in our back, but even though the short flying time, the man beside me managed to drink both a small bottle of wine and whisky to his meal. It's so annoying that people get greedy when they can get things for free.

Holland really looks special from the air, with lots of green grassfields and all those canals. And Amsterdam is getting bigger and bigger everytime I fly over it. That's also because the surrounding cities are growing together.

So this is the last time I will stay in the house I grew up in, next time I'm in Holland my mother is moved to another house. No more for today - Good night from Holland !

A last one from Denmark
I'm ready for takeoff, everything is packed, the video is programmed to tape Fever Pitch, which is supposed to be funny english movie, send on DR2 tonight.

Tagline: Life gets complicated when you love one woman and worship eleven men, sounds interesting ! Colin Firth (yes him from Bridget Jones Dairy) is playing the main part. It's based on a book written by NIck Hornsby, whom also wrote High Fidelity, the film where Iben Hjele got her first bigger international role. So in that way we ended in Denmark again :-)

Time to leave for Holland !

Tuesday, October 02, 2001

The comments didn't work !
I found out that the comments didn't work ! But it is repaired now.! So don't hold back now :-)
If you got something to say, then say it !
But what if you don't ?

I am packing for my trip to Holland tomorrow, bus leaves 15:00pm from Århus, plain leaves at 17:15pm from Billund, and it will be in Amsterdam 18:15pm. From Amsterdam it's 40 minutes by train to Utrecht and then 30 minutes in a tram to IJsselstein, the city I am born in. Quite a lot of hours, considering it's only one hour flying. I wonder if I can experience more control and checks on both airports.

I checked my mother, even though she is in the middle of moving to another house, she hasn't packed the computer yet. Which is nice, because then there is a chance I can keep on writing from there.

Todays football news : Denmark is going to play against Holland in november. That is when Denmarks beats Iceland next saturday, they have too, because both Holland and Denmark missing in the Worldchampionships will be too much. It will be boring enough without Holland playing there. How is it possible that they can't get themselves together and classify ?

Monday, October 01, 2001

Mike Tyson in Denmark

Mike Tyson has arrived in Denmark this morning. He is going to box a match against Brian Nielsen a danish boxer, who better watches out not to get his ear eaten. Mike Tyson, who surprisingly has a little part in Crocodile Dundee III, is going to box Brian Nielsen on 13th of october, in Parken in Copenhagen.

I think he is a creep.
Hi Dennis!
Talking about twinning fun indeed, I added Dennis (from 2 years in Copenhagen) to my Blogs of note list. It is fun to read the notes from another foreigner in Denmark.

A little quote from his monday morning entry :

From her Sunday entry, I see that the Earth From Above travelling exhibit that I enjoyed in Copenhagen has made its way to Århus. I also see that somebody has acquired a snazzy digital camera. Grrrrreen with envy, I am. Anyhow, consider yourself duly linked and bookmarked, Ingrid!

Well Dennis I can tell you the "Earth from above" exhibition is not having a good time in Århus. I read in the newspaper today that they are considering leaving Århus before the official date (the 31st of October). Why ? Because people can't seem to behave themselves. Nearly every night some people try to either steal and/or damage the pictures in Århus. What a shame ! This really annoys me !!

About the camera : I can only say that if you have the money for it, you have to buy one. I use it a lot, and you take much more pictures.